By Keaton Watson


The Tale of Gregorian Taleweaver was the backstory for a character in one of our campaigns. The adventures in these campaigns often serve as a run through playtest for DM ideas and they provide a chance to evaluate adventure balance and playability. The player’s reaction to the adventure often dictates if it should be considered worthy of further development.

This started off at 1st level campaign and all five players created new characters. One player, Keaton Watson, created a bard and he crafted a fabulous backstory based on the game world details provided to the players. This background was a very entertaining read and gave a glimpse into his character’s motivations. More importantly, it provided a wealth of material to work into the tapestry of the campaign world, allowing the DM to seed important elements early in a campaign. These idea seeds from character backstories grow slowly, but as they ripen, they provide a bounty of adventure hooks for the DM to breathe texture and realism into a game. I hope the ones from your players are as rich as this one is from Keaton.

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