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Welcome to the fantastic world of The Eldritch Press. Our world lives in the imagination; in the daydreams and fantasies which dwell in the creative corners of the mind. We seek to capture the stands of imagination and weave them into products that help feed the creations of your imagination.

The Gates of The Shadowmage

The Gates of the Shadowmage is a 5th level adventure designed for 3-5 players. It requires clever thinking by the players. It takes place in the unlooted complex of a long dead warlock and places players in the middle of a long simmering feud between two evil forces. The choices they make could make them the enemy or servants of a devil baron or an immortal patron, or perhaps in control of a complex with gateways leading into other realms. Endless possibilities exist in this feature-rich 50 page adventure that introduces 7 unique monsters, 5 new magic items, and 9 new spells. It should take from 10-20 hours to complete the adventure.

The Whispering Fen

The Whispering Fen is a 1st-level adventure suitable for 3-5 players. In it, the small village of Bogbank struggles for its survival. Each night the village is being besieged by swarms of monsters that emerge from the Whispering Fen to drain the life from anyone they find. Dark forces are at work and dangers unknown must be discovered and destroyed before all is lost. This 25-page adventure presents 5 new NPC/monsters, 2 new magic items and it takes between 4-8 hours to play.

Captain Shinehearts Gold

This adventure is being reserved as an exclusive stretch goal reward for the Maps & Monstrum Compendium Kickstarter.

In ages past, an orcish pirate captain defeated a dragon and took its hoard, but neither the captain nor the gold has ever been found. Now, a newly discovered map may lead the way to a vast treasure. The path to the gold is not a safe one, and many perils await those who attempt to forge a path to the captain’s hideout. Treasure hunters and thrill seekers will face threats both natural and supernatural in their quest for riches, but may also find some friends in strange places. Will they emerge victorious and resplendent with wealth, or will their avarice ultimately be their undoing?
Captain Shineheart’s Gold is an adventure for 10th to 12th level characters. While it is perfect for slotting into an existing seafaring campaign, it also makes a great standalone adventure for those wanting to experience higher level play. The adventure includes a number of pregenerated characters to allow players to jump right into the action.

The Plinth

This adventure is being reserved as an exclusive stretch goal reward for the Maps & Monstrum Compendium Kickstarter.

The Plinth Waterdeep Location supplement has been designed to welcome the creativity of a diverse population of contemporary DM’s to this long-forgotten, but traditional Waterdeep hub. We provide a rich and varied focal point for ongoing campaign initiation. We invite you to take part by letting us know about the Plinth-based campaigns that you have developed. In addition, we will follow up on this fertile Location release with an additional set of Plinth-based Oneshot quest adventures.

Upcoming Kickstarter

We are launching our second Kickstarter with the Maps & Monstrum Compendium, a collection of 5th Edition maps, art, and adventure. We are working with various writers and artists to bring you this compilation. Please follow along as the Kickstarter ramps up. You can get an idea of what’s in store by downloading this preview.

Maps & Monstrum Compendium

The Maps & Monstrum Compendium is a collection of 5th Edition adventures that will bring players through a landscape of imagery, cartography, and storytelling to face challenging situations and adversaries. We expect to launch in June 2022. The adventures within this tome can easily be dropped into any game world and be used individually as side quests or strung together as a series of thematically linked adventures that can span several game sessions. The backdrop of the adventures is a setting-neutral island realm that is left vague and non-specific so it can adapt easily into any campaign setting.

The core focus of the Compendium is to provide useful and balanced adventures that are presented with consistent cartography, inspiring artwork, and compelling stories. Everything we offer in this Kickstarter will adhere to that core focus. An old-school style influences our adventures, so you can expect all the grit, challenges, and consequences that come with that style.

Get Your FREE Copy of the first series of side-quest adventures that are connected to but not dependent on the Maps & Monstrum Compendium.

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