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Can you help me create a publication with similar qualitative and visual standards?

Yes. We are currently fostering collaborative relations with a network of writers, artists, creators, play-testers and distribution channels with the goal of assisting creators during the production process in a step-wise hierarchical manner. Stay tuned, and contact us if you are interested in this service or collaborating with TEP.

How can I download my purchases again without being charged?

We retain everyone’s order history through our storefront merchant provider. If you ever need to download your content again you can just make a request at and we will send you out the link.

Is it secure to order from your website?

We offer payments through both Stripe and PayPal, both major online transaction companies with a long history of service. (full SSL Encryption)

TEP products are described as art-rich and craft-brewed. How so?

Our hand-crafted adventure art does not merely utilize a simulated painterly style, the artist manually paints the digital scene, environment, or character after developing a powerful composition that reflects a dynamic situation in the game.

We are a micro-publisher that values a high quality visual experience for both the virtual and tabletop environments. This means that we are capable of investing as much into the creation of our artwork as we do for the gaming content we author. That combination enables us to offer a far richer package of gaming resources and derivative collectibles for each of our principal products. In every case our goal is to offer a finite set of collectible adventure art that is created for limited edition physical media during the primary adventure creation process. The same art is scaled and embedded into our product layouts. Our books are collectibles in their own right, but we also provide a wide array of additional images, maps and resources to share at your discretion.

Is TEP looking for freelance talent?

This is a fantastically creative community and we are always looking to work with artists, writers and designers to develop our products. You can reach us at to begin a conversation.

What makes products from The Eldritch Press unique?

We take our time to craft our products and never rush them to press. This provides the buyer with a professional product which is play-tested and presented in a clean and functional format. We only produce products that meet our high standards of quality, design and balance.

Want to get in touch with us?

We really want to hear from you, you can reach us by filling in the contact form on our contact page Click Here.

Can TEP help me get my ideas published?

We offer certain services to select creators. If you have an RPG idea that fits into our brand we are happy to start a conversation on how we might help. You can reach us through

How do I get my print copy of a product?

Our printing is currently done by Lightning Source Print-On-Demand and is fulfilled through DriveThruRPG. If you order a print product, you will be brought to their site to finish your order.

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