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6/12/2020 JOURNAL INTRODUCTION Fletcher Haug

The first campaign I started was in 1984. My brother, Lance, a cousin, and a few other buddies rolled up characters and jumped into TSR Dungeon Module L1 – The Secret of Bone Hill. This adventure turned deadly when I killed Mados the druid with a magic missile spell as he entered the keep courtyard. The characters from that first adventure soon converted into AD&D 2nd edition, and the resulting craft-brewed campaign lasted for sixteen years. Many different players joined that campaign with three of the players lasting through the entire campaign. To this day, I still game with those three original players. None have forgotten the death of Mados, and together, we remember all the near-death encounters, the antagonists, the maps, the NPCs, and the laughter and joy the game gave us. That is what makes this game so special. Lance took notes during each of our day-long games, first in a composition notebook, then on a “cutting edge” laptop computer. He chronicled the entire campaign through the eyes of his character Konus of Knosa, a half-orc Fighter/Cleric of Etha, God of Endurance. I too chronicled the campaign through DM notes and hand drawn maps. These game documents contained all the creativity from that campaign, and all were saved and hidden away. I happened across my box of game notes and realized they contained perfect material for our website postings. They chronicle our gaming history and development, but more importantly, they provide a wealth of information that can be crafted into game content. Lance decided to join in this effort and will transcribe key parts of Konus’ adventure journal which chronicles the story of Konus of Knosa throughout our campaign of old. I will extract content from the journal entries and include it with each new post made to the Journal. I hope that readers who follow the Journal of Konus will use and enjoy this content in their own games. Most importantly, I hope the journal serves as an example of an immersive world, breathing with life given to it by the interaction of players and DM, who collaboratively contribute to its development. Please be sure to let us know how you like this journey. So, without further delay, let me present to you the Journal of Konus of Knosa. (Scroll down for Entry 1).

Entry One

ENTRY 1: January 22, 1989 Game Date

Notes; 1/22/1989
Lance Haug

“Start with spells, finish with steel. That is our way”


Our party takes stock of the patrons gathered in the Pan Spring Inn from our table in a shadowed corner. A mix of residents, travelers and merchants engaged in genial chatter dominate the scene. We have all arrived at the village of Korden fresh from our training and errands. After greetings and a drink to wash the dust from our throats, Draper introduces a monk named Beldain who was a ward of our friend Caldane and comes with his recommendation. He seeks his destiny on the trail and wishes to accompany us. We take stock of him and conclude he would be an asset. Now that our group has swelled slightly in size we settle in to discuss our next undertaking.*

The midday lull is broken when an excited group of men burst into the common room to tell of the fall of the castle known as Eagle’s Crown to the dwarves. This causes consternation in the townsfolk, who are fearful of the dwarves and their motive in taking a stronghold just a few day’s ride from their town. The dwarves have sent word to Lord Urnick, the baron of this region. Among their demands are an immediate conference with the baron to air their grievances and state their terms. They will maintain a defensive posture in their new stronghold in the interim.

Many hurry to leave the inn to tend to their affairs before the unexpected news affects prices and travel. The remainder debate the impact of the attack and the baron’s response while the innkeeper turns a brisk trade. War can be a thirsty business! Dominia draws our attention back to the matters at hand and reveals that she was contacted by a certain Rannon, a local noble, regarding a job guarding a shipment of supplies to trappers in the Singing Hills. Details are lacking so we will make the journey to the village of Heep to meet Rannon face to face before making a decision on employment. We share a room at the Pan Spring and rise early to resupply, the prices already creeping up as we pack our saddlebags and rucksacks. We gather our mounts from the stable and manage to leave the town in good spirits and good graces taking the main road north towards Heep.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come …………………………

Entry Two

Entry 2
Lance Haug

“In combat, the details make a difference”


As the day dwindles to its last few hours we arrive on a likely site to settle for the night. The tree cover is sparse and stunted in this high, rocky terrain so we make camp with our backs to a wall of fissured stone four spears high and twenty wide. Beldain and Dominia secure a protected alcove for the horses and gear. The she-elf oversees the monk’s choice of thorny branches and brush that are interlaced to form a barrier to corral the mounts and keep any curious predators at bay. Our saddle and pack horses are much more than a convenience traveling this far from the trade road and high in the hills. I would not relish this stony path marching in full armor with a heavy pack. Amongst this group I would surely be the mule toting the group rations and sundries.

Valinor and I set out to gather firewood and clear sight lines to the likely approaches from lower ground. It is also an opportunity to acquaint ourselves with the general lay of the land. We can see much even in darkness but the fine details are often lost and, in combat, the details make a difference. Draper attends to the fire, preparing coals to spit-roast the fat mountain hares delivered by our druid along with some aromatic herbs to be used for stuffing. Our ranking priest has also found a small sack’s worth of mushrooms growing in the shade by a decaying oak. Into the cook pot they go, along with a hat full of freshly dug small white roots, some wine and a generous pinch of the spices he carries in a carved wooden box. In no time a fine stew is bubbling.The party is drawn to the fire by the enticing fragrance of the cooking fare. On a blanket near the cook fire is arrayed some dark bread and hard, sharp cheese with a few skins of wine. I am suddenly aware of my hunger and find a seat on a log too big to burn.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come …………………………

Entry Three

Entry 3
Lance Haug

“Only fools would stand still to meet a giant’s charge”


I explain to Beldain that setting a camp watch is a must when travelling in the wilds and, truth be told, often on the roads. He has spent most of his young life behind the secure walls of a sizable monastery where he worried more about missing the morning prayers than being attacked. Since his human sight puts him at a disadvantage in the night we will pair him with Dominia on the last watch. An idea that he enthusiastically embraces as he seems smitten with the exotic features of our elven mistress. A condition I am sure she has already taken notice of and will use to her benefit; I hope the cost is not too dear for the callow monk. I will take the first watch as managing the components of my plate armor can be fiddly and somewhat time consuming, and it is nearly impossible to sleep in. My status as an Unfettered cleric of Etha denies me a shield, but my iron helm is never far away. I settle with my back to a scrawny oak and face myself downhill, opening my senses to the sounds of the twilight.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come …………………………

Entry Four

Entry 4
Lance Haug

“Victory is no excuse for carelessness”


The clan of giants has left in defeat, their leader killed, and another encased in a sepia nimbus of magic like an insect trapped in a droplet of sap. The giant floats immobile just above the ground at the edge of the firelight. I find the desperate look in his eyes disturbing and avoid his gaze. Wounds are tended to and equipment is inspected. Victory is no excuse for carelessness.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come …………………………

Entry Five

Entry 5
Lance Haug

“Mistrust of orc-kind runs deep, especially in the old races”


We make a strange procession in the morning light as we ride uphill towards the peak and the giant’s home. It was a bit of a challenge to secure a few wraps of rope around the magically imprisoned giant but now he is pulled along behind Valinor’s mount skimming along the ground, seemingly weightless for all his bulk. The rest of his clan is waiting as we approach the clearing that marks their camp. The she-giant approaches with a pair of ornate and hefty golden chalices to exchange for our captive. While I secure the ransom on our pack horse, Valinor assures the anxious clan that their chieftain’s predicament will dissolve once we have put some distance between us and there is no sign of treachery. They take the mage at his word and we turn our horses towards the valley below and the road that leads to Heep.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come …………………………

Entry Six

Entry 6
Lance Haug

“My naive world view matured more slowly than my body”


Cadence, rhythm, structure! Eagle Bluff, the abbey outpost of Etha, had a pulse that infused my earliest memories. Rise at the first bell. Prayers at second bell. Training at the third bell. The midday horn blast marked a meal followed by chores, prayers and sleep. And so it went, day in, day out. In my youth it was a comfort to think that Etha’s order permeated the world, that the monastery was much like a giant beehive or ant colony. A task for all and all for the task. My naive world view matured more slowly than my body.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come …………………………

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