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THE PLINTH: A Waterdeep Location
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The Plinth: A Waterdeep Location

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THE PLINTH: A Waterdeep Location

There are so many places to go in the City of Splendors that it can be hard for players to choose where to start. One of these locations, The Plinth, is a well known landmark that can be easily found, is open to all, and is a meeting place for many of the religious orders and political factions in Waterdeep. But can a temple shared by twenty faiths be a place of comfort? Why do select Seekers search here for clues to the Mother Source Heresy? What faiths will be granted a shrine here on Plinth Day? The veneer of civility is peeled away in this art-rich supplement that provides a wealth of information about the shrines, factions, personalities, quests, and intrigue that can be found within the walls of The Plinth: A Waterdeep Location. This 32-page supplement provides a wealth of material that a DM can use to breathe life into the wonderful City of Waterdeep. In it you will find 11 new NPC’s including factional contacts, details on 20 religious shrines including Azuth, Bane, Deneir, and Eldath, information on the mysterious Seekers of Selûne and the holy relics known as the Mother Source Fragments, 6 detailed maps, 4 quest adventures, and a wealth of incredible artwork that details the City of Splendors and its environment.

The Plinth Waterdeep Location supplement has been designed to welcome the creativity of a diverse population of contemporary DM's to this long-forgotten, but traditional Waterdeep hub. We provide a rich and varied focal point for ongoing campaign initiation. We invite you to take part by letting us know about the Plinth-based campaigns that you have developed. In addition, we will follow up on this fertile Location release with an additional set of Plinth-based oneshot quest adventures.

available now

Whispering Fen

The Whispering Fen is a 1st-level adventure suitable for 3-5 players. In it, the small village of Bogbank struggles for its survival. Each night the village is being besieged by swarms of monsters that emerge from the Whispering Fen to drain the life from anyone they find. Dark forces are at work and dangers unknown must be discovered and destroyed before all is lost. This 25-page adventure presents 5 new NPC/monsters, 2 new magic items and it takes between 4-8 hours to play.

Also available for Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop (screen shots below). Select your preferred medium.

available now

Eldritch Grimoires:
Natures Wrath

A group of 10 nature flavored spells that provide unique new spell options for players or GM’s who want to give their NPCs an unexpected flair. All of the spells are available to the druid class, but many can also be used by the bard, ranger, sorcerer, warlock, and wizard. They range from cantrips to 9th level spells.

available now

Eldritch Treasures:
Volume One

Contains 10 unique magic items that players will crave and GM’s will use to bolster their NPCs. These magic items include, the shock cloak, scout lens, potion of false death, metamagic rod, wand of identify, ring of arming, dragon slayer shield, mithral net, biting blade, and fire ammunition. Everything is presented in an art-touched pdf designed by artist Charles H. Carver.

The Gates of The Shadowmage

promo for the gates of the shadowmage
The Gates of the Shadowmage is slated to be eldritch's second adventure release. the module will be art rich, as is the release of their first adventure: the whispering fen
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currently in production

The Gates of
The Shadowmage

The Gates of the Shadowmage is a 5th level adventure designed for 3-5 players. It requires clever thinking by the players. It takes place in the unlooted complex of a long dead warlock and places players in the middle of a long simmering feud between two evil forces. The choices they make could make them the enemy or servants of a devil baron or an immortal patron, or perhaps in control of a complex with gateways leading into other realms. Endless possibilities exist in this feature-rich 50 page adventure that introduces 7 unique monsters, 5 new magic items, and 9 new spells. It should take from 10-20 hours to complete the adventure.

Currently In Production

Captain Shineheart’s Gold

A 10th level adventure designed for 3-5 players. An orcish pirate captain is said to have defeated a dragon and taken its hoard, but neither the captain nor the gold has ever been found, but a newly discovered map may lead the way to a vast treasure. Players face threats both natural and supernatural in their quest to the captain’s island hideout, but may also find some friends in strange places. Will their avarice ultimately be their undoing? This adventure slots easily into a sea-faring campaign or as a standalone adventure for those wanting to experience higher level play. The adventure includes pre-generated characters that come complete with magical items and equipment which allow players to jump right into the action. It introduces 5 new monsters, 3 new magic items, 2 new spells and 6 pre-generated player characters. It is about 30 pages and should take 8-12 hours to complete.


The Fiery Flagon.
A detailed Waterdeep location and quest hub
The Plinth. A detailed Waterdeep location and quest hub
Spell Grimoires. Packs of selected spells for varied classes and archetypes (now available on DriveThruRPG).​
Treasure Packs. Fine magic items new to the world (now available on DriveThruRPG).
Foe Packs. Collections of monsters ready to be released into the world
NPC Packs. Dozens of characters that can help or hinder players
Class Archetypes. New character classes and subclasses, features, divinities and domains for players.

Magical Art. All art from our publications are available for one-of-a-kind hand-embellished printing on high quality archival paper. A post-print application of traditional sketching media by the artist makes every piece unique and collectable (up to 60"). Contact us for more information.


The Gates of The Shadowmage

The Journal of Konus of Knosa

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