And The Cartography Winners Are…

The random winners of the Cartography Giveaway have been selected! There were many submissions and we enjoyed viewing them all. You can view the works of those who chose to have their submissions displayed in our Cartography Gallery here Cartography Gallery

Thanks again to everyone who participated and to those who followed along. Stay tuned to our newsletter or website to be informed of all of our future events!

The winners are:
The set of Dice from goes to Ashley Fleming
The Eldritch Press Tee-shirt goes to Nate Miller
The Eldritch Press adventure PDF goes to Sean Turner

Our Past Projects

The Gates of The Shadowmage

Designed for 3-5 fifth level players, The Gates of the Shadowmage places you in the unlooted complex of a vanquished warlock, and takes you deep into the long-simmering feud between two evil forces.

The Whispering Fen

Dark forces are at work and dangers unknown must be discovered and destroyed before all is lost. This adventure presents 5 new NPC/monsters, 2 new magic items and it takes between 4-8 hours to play.

The Plinth

The veneer of civility is peeled away in this art-rich supplement that provides a wealth of information about the shrines, factions, personalities, quests, and intrigue that can be found within the walls of The Plinth: A Waterdeep Location.

Check Out Our Eldritch Art Page

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