The Eldritch Press Cartography Giveaway

Cartography Giveaway

Calling all cartographers! We are running a cartography giveaway and would love to see your work!. Maps are important to every RPG and we are trying to find freelance cartographers that would like to work with us on future projects. Whatever software you use—Inkarnate, Dungeondraft, DungeonFog, Scrawl, Photoshop, Gimp—we want to see your work. Everyone who submits a map will be entered into a drawing to win some cool prizes. With your permission, we could also post your creation in the community area of our website for everyone to admire. Full details on the Giveaway can be found here: Rules. You can enter up to 3 submissions and all submissions must be received by September 22nd, 2021. Entries are only accepted through this submission form

Your maps can be regional or battle map style. We are happy to see your work on any subject, but would like to direct your creativity by offering suggestions to focus your work toward these broad themes: towns and villages, docks and harbors, urban street scenes, sailing ship decks, shops and dwellings, magic portals and sacred spaces, and dungeons and tunnels. Don’t wait, enter your work today.

Giveaway Rules

  • The Submission deadline is September 22nd, 2021. 
  • All Submissions must be entered through the provided form. 
  • You can enter up to three submissions per form.
  • Each submission cannot exceed 20 mb
  • Artists retain all rights to their work and can choose to have their work displayed on our website by selecting that option on the submission form.
  • All displayed maps will be attributed and linked to the artist’s preferred platform.
  • All submissions must meet our standards for acceptable content and ethics.
  • Entrants will be pooled into a drawing and three will be randomly selected to win a tee-shirt, a dice set from RPGDice, or a PDF adventure module. 
  • The artist may be contact by TEP for discussions on future freelance cartography work in future projects 

Ready to Join The Giveaway?


Fill in the form below, attach  your image, and submit your entry.

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