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We offer our viewers many ways to preview our products before deciding to purchase them. Here you will find full preview samples which serve to demonstrate the quality of our designs, artwork, and writing. You can also find useful working drafts of spells, magic items, NPCs and maps that we use throughout our product development and playtesting which may be of use to you in your personal games. Please browse and enjoy.

Have a look through the samples of these products to get a feel for the craftsmanship we put into our products. Spoiler Alert: Samples of The Gates of the Shadowmage and The Whispering Fen are meant for GM eyes only and may contain content that players should not know

Sample of The Gates of the Shadowmage

A 5th level adventure designed for 3-5 players. The Gates of The Shadowmage is Eldritch’s second adventure release. The module is art-rich and extraordinary in its depths of potential to engage diverse realms over a lifetime of play.

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The Plinth

There are so many places to go in the city of Splendors that it can be hard for players to choose where to start. One of these locations, The Plinth, is a. well-known landmark that can be easily found, is open to all, and is a meeting place for many of the religious orders and political factions in Waterdeep.

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Eldritch Treasures

Contains 10 unique magic items that players will crave and GMs will use to bolster their NPCs. These magic items include the shock cloak, scout lens, potion of false death, meta-magic rod, wand of identity, the ring of arming, dragon slayer shield, mithral net, biting blade, and fire ammunition.
Everything is presented in an art-touched PDF designed by artist Charles H. Carver.

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Sample of The Whispering Fen

The Whispering Fen is a 1st-level adventure suitable for 3-5 players. In it, the small village of Bogbank struggles for its survival. Each night the village is being besieged by swarms of monsters that emerge from the Whispering Fen to drain the life of anyone they find.

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Eldritch Grimoires

A group of 10 nature-flavored spells that provide unique new spells options for players or GMs who want to give their NPCs an unexpected flair. All of the spells are available to the druid class, but many can also be used by the bard, ranger, sorcerer, warlock, and wizard. They range from cantrips to 9th level spells.

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FREE Game Content

Much content is created as we develop our ideas and playtest our products. The raw draft versions of this content is presented here for you to download and use.

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