The Whispering Fen Adventure

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This richly developed 1st-level Adventure is available for only $5.99 on the Fantasy Grounds virtual ecosystem and only $4.99 from DriveThruRPG in an illustrated PDF format for traditional tabletop masters. A 25-page premium color illustrated softcover booklet is also available for $11.99 from DriveThruRPG.

Whispering Fen

The Whispering Fen is a 1st-level adventure suitable for 3-5 players. In it, the small village of Bogbank struggles for its survival. Each night the village is being besieged by swarms of monsters that emerge from the Whispering Fen to drain the life from anyone they find. Dark forces are at work and dangers unknown must be discovered and destroyed before all is lost. This adventure presents 5 new NPC/monsters, 2 new magic items, and it takes between 4-8 hours to play.

Available for Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop (screen shots below). Also available in an art-rich downloadable PDF or physical booklet from DriveThruRPG.

Fantasy Grounds screen captures of Whispering Fen adventure module
WATch our whispering fen promo in full screen mode (lower right icon on video control bar After play start; scale larger or select full screen)
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Shana C. "...I'm an experienced DM who has been playing with a group new to D&D and one of the struggles is always the balance between the classic D&D feel and keeping things moving and entertaining for people who are more used to action-packed video games. I think that Whispering Fen really creates an atmosphere that can pull all the players in. There is a lot in the book, but there's also plenty of wiggle room for being creative which is clearly the writer's purpose. One thing that I thought set this print aside from others is that considering how affordable the price it has a really beautiful layout and design, as well as art!"
Joe C. "I am a long time DnD player. I had the pleasure of playtesting "The Whispering Fen". The antagonist is challenging and the module has a mystery to solve. It will keep your player characters guessing as they fight [their] way through an oppressive swamp with all the obstacles and monsters that go with that terrain. A great module to start off a set of 1st level player characters. The layout is easy to follow and the artwork is original and well done."
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