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Charles Carver

Charles Carver is an award-winning digital artist and photographer. His unique style seeks to invite players into the creative act of image creation as opposed to transparently representing adventure characters or environments. Charles' work mirrors Eldritch's unique source of magic in that his productions stand in two worlds. In the same way that Eldritch adventures are flexible enough to be at home in both a virtual and a physical environment, Charles' work is designed to be at once entered as a virtual realm and investigated in its physical form as a work of art, whether that be an archival print or simply a composition that  retains the manual traces of digital brushwork or a sketch-like craftsmanship.
the eldritch press art director/illustrator

Charles Carver

charlie wears many hats in his role as illustrator, visual director and digital fine artist

After checking out this little intro, visit more of Charles' in-depth and thoughtful productions on his website. Don't get lost!

The image worlds of art and mythology are derived from the same human capacity to enter our productions in the manner that species live in niches

"Every authentic function of the human spirit has this decisive characteristic in common with cognition: it does not merely copy but rather embodies an original, formative power. It does not express passively the mere fact that something is present but contains an independent energy of the human spirit through which the simple presence of the phenomenon assumes a definite meaning, a particular ideational content. This is as true of art as it is of cognition. It is as true of myth as it is of religion. All live in particular image-worlds which do not merely reflect the empirically given, but which rather produce it in accordance with an independent principle. Each of these functions creates its own symbolic forms which, if not similar to the intellectual symbols, enjoy equal rank as products of the human spirit. None of these forms can simply be reduced to, or derived from, the others; each of them designates a particular approach, in which and through which is constituted its own aspect of reality. They are not different modes in which an independent reality manifests itself to the human spirit but roads by which the spirit proceeds towards objectivization, i.e., self-realization." ( Ernst Cassirer; The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms; Volume 1, Language ).

NOTE: The animated sequence above utilizes audio of guitar work from YES' Steve Howe from the song AWAKEN. When disseminated for an upcoming Mythology centered series based on Charles Carver's artwork, the existing soundtrack will be replaced as part of production. This is an early glimpse of what's to come.

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Want To Be In An Eldritch Illustration?

As we continue to develop our unique visual style, we seek participants for future illustrations, themes and fantasy art. Charles Carver is overseeing this aspect of Eldritch art and design. If you have existing photo captures of yourself in role or would like us to consider you as a character, extra, or simply inspiration for an art/illustration based series, please submit the form below. We make no promises about utilization of submitted imagery, however we will get back to you and inform you how to proceed with formally submitting sample photos. During production, we strive to work a number of months in advance of publications and releases, so please be patient if you do not hear from us immediately either way. If we utilize any of your submittals, even in part, you will receive recognition on all art and a copy of all printed material that you are represented in. Please understand, however, we do receive a fair share of informal and formal inquiries, so we cannot utilize the majority of submittals. Nonetheless, we value highly your willingness to participate. Thanks for your interest in Eldritch!

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