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Guy Corey

Guy's mastery of game mechanics and balance allows players to remain creative, and for Eldritch products to remain fresh and enticing. Guy's role as a scrupulous adventure designer is to contribute the selective constraints that serve to control, anticipate and guide an otherwise unruly population of possible scenarios into an inviting set of flexible player options. This allows players to remain creative, and for Eldritch adventures to remain fresh. Scroll down for more on Guy.
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Guy Corey

He is recognized as the mechanics mastermind at The Eldritch Press. Guy Corey has an education in game design and a history as a video RPG junky. He was blown away after his first game of tabletop D&D and has since digested every shred of information on the game that he can find; yet he still hungers for more. The only way he can satiate this hunger is to create game content for The Eldritch Press.

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