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The Birth of a Bard Part-1

By Keaton Watson Highpass is a shit town. Trust me, I know. For starters, all anyone ever really does there is work the mines, and let me tell you, that is borin’. And dangerous. But mostly just borin’. Secondly,  people don’t look kindly upon mixed-heritage...

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The Birth of a Bard Intro

By Keaton Watson Intro The Tale of Gregorian Taleweaver was the backstory for a character in one of our campaigns. The adventures in these campaigns often serve as a run through playtest for DM ideas and they provide a chance to evaluate adventure balance and...

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Entering the World of Darkness

By Michael B. Stratton *Spoiler alert* For this game I’ll be playing Dieter Hoffmann, a 90’s black metal hipster that drinks blood and thinks that Caine was the first messiah. Wow. Feels good to get it out there in the open. Now, let’s rewind and talk about how we got...

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