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As Eldritch continues to evolve its own unique visual style, it is not lost on us that we strive to occasionally build rich, even syrupy environments and situations. These environments are often tactile and retain their physicality as both painterly renderings and suggested scenes or situations depicted. They are purposefully not airy and open to the horizon, like an open window that invites you to float out of your chair into the enigmatic adventure by following the light. They immediately demand your extrusion because they have snared you in the thickness of the adventure now. You must look longer to be done with them.

This style sets us apart visually. No need to feel claustrophobic, however, we will continue to grow new environments and styles organically through our creative process and the inclusion of additional talent. I will continue to produce a diversity of environments and characters embedded with gravity, but we will add other layers of light and motion, hints of sketches, and characters capable of being independent of the thick environment that birthed them.

Charles H Carver, The Eldritch Press Art Director

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