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We are so happy by the response we received to our Cartography Giveaway event. Thanks go out to everyone who participated. There are so many wonderful submissions and each invokes our imaginations and ideas. Everyone at The Eldritch Press recognizes just how many talented creators there are in this community and we appreciate everyone that participated in this event. We will soon announce the lucky winners who will be awarded a gift from our bag full of prizes. Thanks again, and may you all draw long and prosper!

Ashley Fleming

Software Used: Inkarnate

Who doesn’t love a good sewer trek? Sewers are such classics for fun narrative beats. There’s so much that can be discovered or hidden. The monsters can be very unexpected, fun, and just a little bit dangerous!

A desolate mountain town, a perfect location for long lost secrets, mysteries, and people who probably aren’t looking to be found. This was one of my first maps for a full town, I had a lot of fun making it!

An apothecary shop in the middle of a swamp would probably be the perfect place for all sorts of strange mixtures and potions. This particular shop seems to have seen better days, it certainly seems to be full of…let’s call it character. To be polite.

Brendan Nisbet

Software Used: Inkarnate

I create maps for world regions, villages/cities, encounters and dungeons.

My preferred software is Inkcarnate, though can also use Dungeonfog and Dungeondraft to make dungeons and building maps. I have some experience with Wonderdraft as well for world maps. I prefer Inkcarnate because it can develop such a range of maps (world, encounter and dungeon).

I like working on thematic maps that tell a story and enjoy experimenting with different effects and atmospheres.

My current goal is to get better at dungeon cartography and will be creating a few ratkin and mad scientist themed dungeons  through September.

Colea Theodor-Andrei

T.A. Maps

Submission 1 – Evergreen Outpost is a map i did as a personal project, I wanted to try some new techniques with it.

Submission 2 – Upper Separacia is a commission for a homebrew adventure, a floating island above the clouds.

Submission 3 – West Indies Is another personal project which i got inspired to do by “Lost kingdom of pirates, a Netflix documentary”, I actually did research to see how the cartographers would draw the Carribean gulf at that time. It is also the first project I done in colour as well.

Submission 4 – Valley of relmar is my first ever commission and professional map i’ve done for someone’s adventure book, unfortunately I didn’t hear anything else from that person or his project since then… This map I made using a Cheap BIC ballpoint pen, cause i couldn’t afford expensive drawing tools like i do.

Edwin Menzo

Fantasy Map Shop

Software Used: Wonderdraft

I’m a geographer, with a passion for maps. About 2 years ago, I started diving into the world of fantasy (movies, books, games and writing) and got hooked. It seemed like a perfect thing to combine my passion for maps and geography with my newfound interest in everything fantasy.

With map commissions and a webshop, my aim is either to one day buy an old camper van and become a nomad mapmaker, or to buy a small cabin in the mountains in Spain and become a hermit mapmaker 🙂


Software Used: Inkarnate

I listed three map names that correspond to the maps uploaded. I usually work in three mediums: Regional, Battlemap, and Guides/Tutorials for other artists! So I uploaded one of each.

Joe Chindemi

Software Used: Dungeondraft

Jonathan Spencer

Software Used: Dungeon Scrawl

In general I like to keep my maps simple to allow for the theater of the mind to take over. I use dungeon scrawl almost exclusively and have occasionally expanded beyond the default assets pack in the software, but rarely. In my three submissions I will be making I will be showing some simple maps that I’ve made which I feel show off my general style.

Lorenzo Ayolphi Liuth

Software Used: Dungeondraft

I already had the habit of drawing maps, when a new idea popped into my mind, or just because I felt like it. So a few years ago I got to know Wonderdraft and I was enchanted by the mechanics of the software, which made it very easy to create a map and provided new mechanics that I never had the opportunity to use before. Wonderdraft was really good to use, but I started to want to make maps on a smaller scale, with the vision focused on some house or a tavern, always in a fantasy environment like D&D, but I couldn’t do that in Wonderdraft. Coincidentally Dungeondraft was close to release, and my brother introduced it to me. Since then I started creating some maps when I felt a little inspiration and I started making maps more often when I created a page on Fiverr.

Lucas Muenrat

Software Used: Inkarnate

I have been making maps through the Inkarnte platform professionally for over a year.
I’ve been providing a great service to those who hire my work and I’ve been working mainly in my country, but I want more people to know my work and support the project so that I can always bring more.

Nate Miller

Good Goblin Gaming

Software Used: Inkarnate

Growing up I really enjoyed the idea of RPGs, so much so that before I actually began to play them, I would play WITH the figures like they were toys. That same imagination is what drives the cartography at Good Goblin. We see something magical inside our heads and we put it on a map. Be it a huge battle scene, a deserted village, or even a beautiful river. We make our maps for the kids inside of all TTRPG players that is waiting to come out and play, REALLY play.

Sean Turner

Software Used: Inkarnate

I have been making maps for a little over a year.  I use only Inkarnate.  I am most proud of the fact that I have had 0 art training and anything I’ve learned about map-making I’ve done on my own or trying to emulate other styles of seen.  This has allowed me to cultivate and develop my own style.

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